Piscine con Metalu

Guide to Accessible Hotels and Community Pools with METALU

Sometimes METALU users ask us to inform them about hotels that have an adapted pool to plan their vacations. That is why we came up with this section, where you will find a list of pools open to the public equipped with METALU pool lifts.

In including the guide of hotels with METALU pool lifts on the site, we received complaints from some users pointing out how not everyone or not always goes on vacation to hotels, but sometimes they choose rural tourism destinations, or go to the country of some family member. For this reason, we decided to include municipal swimming pools equipped with METALU.

baleares andalucia murcia valencia castilla la mancha extremadura canarias madrid catalunya la rioja aragon navarra pais vasco cantabria galicia asturias castilla y leon

This list consists of the pools that we are aware of that are adapted with METALU. In most cases, we send the hydraulic lift to the warehouses of our distributors and we do not know the final destination.

If you are responsible for any establishment with a METALU lift that does not appear in the list and you want your name to appear or it already appears, but you want to modify the data, do not hesitate to contact us.