Accessories for Elevators

Description complements

METALU pool lifts have the possibility of adding certain complements with the intention of increasing the user’s comfort and safety and achieving a more ergonomic product.
These add-ons can be easily attached at any time, either when purchasing the pool lift or later, regardless of whether it is already installed.
Several complements can be included at the same time according to the need or taste of the customer, being able to combine them with each other without any problem, being all of them compatibles.

Auxiliary shower

Only available for METALU PK and METALU B-2 models. This product offers more comfort to the pool lift, since it provides comfort to the person using it to shower both before and after bathing, being able to rinse in the chair with fresh water. It is inserted in the hydraulic installation


Although it is not necessary in all our pool lifts, it can be incorporated as an option if the user needs it in those models that do not have it as standard. It integrates seamlessly into the chair.

Folding armrest

All our lifts include an armrest on the right side. But, in addition, we give the option of adding an additional folding armrest on the other side to make it safer for the person using it. This armrest can be raised for transfer to the chair. This is possible on all models.

Belt safety

It is a harness designed to hold and maintain the user upright in the seat during the operation of the lift. It is an extra safety complement and can be added to any of our water elevators. Ideal for people with poor body stability.

Buffer for swimming pools
polyester or liner

It is an exclusive addition to METALU PK. It protects the polyester or liner pool wall from contact with the point where the lifter rests on the pool wall. It adds a piece of larger contact surface, protected by a rubber sleeve.

protective cover

This is an exclusive accessory for the Metalu 400 and Metalu 600 models. It is a custom-made cover that completely protects the lift when it is retracted, so that it always looks as good as the first day. It is made of PVC foscurit fabric and offers advantages such as protecting your water elevator from scratches, dust, humidity, the sun, third parties who want to use it without permission, or extreme temperatures. In addition, it is fireproof, waterproof and has a great insulation capacity.