Battery pool lift METALU 3800

El elevador a medida METALU 3800 ha sido diseñado para piscinas en alto (elevadas) con muro de hasta 1,50 m de alto. Se ancla al suelo y al muro de la piscina.

Features of the Battery pool lift METALU 3800

  • METALU 3800 is available in two versions:
    • Autonomous user. The user accesses the pool without assistance thanks to the double motor of the lifter, one vertical and the other for rotation.
    • Assisted user. The user must be assisted by another person to rotate the crane, as it only has the motor for vertical movement.
  • Customizable. The design is personalized for each pool profile, offering different arm lengths and seat positions.
  • Easy installation. Installation only requires fixing the base with anchored bolts to the ground and the wall of the pool, with the option of placing a double anchor on the wall if one cannot be placed on the ground.
  • Fixed-detachable. Can be placed at the beginning of the bathing season and stored when not in use. Its seat is also detachable, and it includes wheels for easier transportation.
  • Approved to lift up to 120 kg.
  • CE certification.
  • Lacquered stainless steel Aisi 316 L.
  • Five-year warranty on all spare parts for manufacturing defects, except for batteries which have a two-year warranty.
  • National manufacturing. All lifts are produced in our facilities in Spain.
  • Several accessories included. By default, this lift includes a footrest, a folding arm, a safety belt, and a second folding arm.
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel with powder paint protection.
  • Comprised of anchoring plates for the ground and wall, mast with pivot arm, and vertical prism.
  • The electric mechanism includes a 24V electric actuator, control box, handheld control panel, two batteries, battery charger, IP65 protection, and a safety system if necessary.
  • Rotation range: 360º in both directions (can be limited).
  • Net weight (approx.): 90 kg.
  • Packed weight (approx.): 176 kg.
  • Upward time without load (approx.): 44 seconds.
  • Upward time with 85 kg load (approx.): 51 seconds.
  • Downward time without load (approx.): 42 seconds.
  • Downward time with 85 kg load (approx.): 42 seconds.
  • Movement speed: Less than 0.1 m/s.
  • Vertical seat displacement: Maximum 1.60 m (depends on the pool profile).

Battery pool lift METALU 3800

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METALU 3800 is a fixed-detachable battery pool crane that facilitates access to the pool water for people with reduced mobility. It is designed for high, elevated pools, or those with significant obstacles. It is custom manufactured on request. The METALU 3800 lift operates with a 24V rechargeable battery in a charger independent of the lifter. Two batteries are supplied so that one can be charging while the other is in use, ensuring the pool crane never goes out of service. This battery has an autonomy of about 30 services.

The METALU 3800 water elevator can be provided with manual rotation (assisted user) or automatic rotation (stand-alone user). With the automatic version, the user is entirely independent and can comfortably operate the control (water-resistant) from both inside and outside the pool.

It is noteworthy that the pool crane seat is removable, preventing unauthorized use and facilitating transportation when it needs to be transported or stored.

It includes additional accessories such as a safety belt and a second folding arm. The warranty is three years against all manufacturing and operational defects and five years for all spare parts, except for the batteries, which have a two-year warranty.