Portable hydraulic pool lift METALU PK

The smallest and most discreet portable hydraulic lift on the market. It can be disassembled and assembled in just three minutes, with the advantage that it can be placed at the moment it is to be used and stored when it is not needed.

Features of the Portable hydraulic pool lift METALU PK

  • User autonomy. The METALU PK lift can be operated from both inside and outside the pool using the operating lever located to the right of the user.
  • It is easily transported thanks to the lower wheel it incorporates, and can be used in various pools. In addition, its seat is removable.
  • Approved to lift up to 150 kg, requiring a water pressure of between 3.5 and 5.5 bar, depending on the desired lifting capacity.
  • CE certified.
  • Includes a pressure gauge to check the water pressure received by the elevator.
  • Manufactured with AISI 316 L stainless steel.
  • Adaptable to the pool profile. We have different anchor sizes to overcome possible obstacles.
  • Storage support. It includes a support to facilitate storage during non-use periods.
  • Five-year warranty on all spare parts for manufacturing defects.
  • Made in Spain. All lifts are produced in our facilities in Spain.
  • Immediate availability. Factory departure in 24-48 hours from order confirmation.
  • Accessories: Safety belt, folding arm, footrest, auxiliary shower or stop for polyester or liner pools.
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Turning angle: 170° clockwise (when lowering).
  • Turning radius: 700 mm.
  • The seat has a travel of 1.06 m.
  • Net weight: 38 kg.
  • Packed weight: 49 kg.
  • Empty rise time (depending on pressure): 24 seconds.
  • Rise time with 85 kg load (depending on pressure): 27 seconds.
  • Empty descent time: 50 seconds.
  • Lowering time with 85 kg load: 22 seconds.
  • Water capacity in the piston: 9 liters.
  • Minimum depth of the pool in the installation area: 0.90 meters.

Portable hydraulic pool lift METALU PK

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The METALU PK model is the smallest and most discreet portable hydraulic lift on the market. It operates with a simple hydraulic system, meaning it utilizes the water pressure from the network.
It can be disassembled and assembled in just three minutes, with the advantage of being able to be set up when needed and stored away when not in use. Additionally, with just one METALU PK portable hydraulic lift, multiple pools within the same area can be serviced.
This aquatic elevator stands out for its elegant design, seamlessly blending into its surroundings, remaining inconspicuous without sacrificing functionality, safety, and efficiency, all characteristics shared with other METALU pool lifts.
One of the most important aspects is the user’s complete autonomy, enabled by the control switch located on the right side, accessible both from outside and inside the pool. Additionally, there’s the option for left-hand operation, with the control switch on the same side.
The seat is detachable, preventing unauthorized use and facilitating transportation. It can be used in pools up to 0.9 meters deep.
Optional accessories include a safety belt, foldable armrest, footrest, auxiliary shower, or stopper for polyester or liner pools.
The warranty covers three years against any manufacturing or operational defects and five years on all spare parts.